Curry 36 — Bahnhof Zoo


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Curry 36 — Bahnhof Zoo

Curry 36 is a a Berlin classic. Order delicious wurst (sausage) with sweet curry sauce and add some fries to make it even better. Perfect for a quick bite.


From a 3-course menu in a star-rated restaurant to boulettes or a doner kebab in the local snack bar — in Berlin there’s something to suit every taste and every budget. There are just no limits to the culinary diversities: Australian and French cuisine, exotic Asian dishes and the Berliner currywurst. Berlin’s regional cuisine is solid and tasty, served in cosy traditional pubs. A particular speciality is breakfast, which many cafes offer all day long — ideal for night owls who like to stay in bed a bit longer in the morning. In summer, the city life moves outside: beach bars along the banks of the Spree with a view of the water are specially favoured. They are perfect places for enjoying a cocktail or sipping a Berliner Weisse (wheat beer) after a sightseeing tour. The popular summer drink, a beer speciality mixed with raspberry or Waldmeister (woodruff) syrup, is something you really shouldn’t miss!